Mother's instinct

is the best compass in the child's upbringing.

Mother’s instinct is the best compass in the child’s upbringing.

About me

My name is Marina I am a mother, happily married wife and founder of „Svijet snova“ (“The world of dreams“).

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I believe that we shouldn’t evaluate each other according to our professions. However I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than what I currently do. This is not just a job for me, it is my passion and I do what I truly love. Today I am grateful to my son for all those sleepless nights because at that point I realized what my carrier path will be.

Besides educating others about baby and infant sleep, motherhood is my other great passion. Motherhood never stops to amaze me, and I believe that by giving birth, both baby and mother are born.

My son’s birth was one of the most important events in my life. While I was preparing for his arrival, I’ve read a lot about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and similar topics but I never read anything about child sleep. At first, I thought that we can’t have any influence on baby’s sleep and that it’s just a matter of good luck – if you’re lucky you’ll get a baby who sleeps well and if not, you won’t be getting much sleep. Later, I’ve realized that this is not so true.

Personally, I’ve experienced how lack of sleep can have a negative impact on the whole family. The worst was when my son was about 4 months old and was waking up at least 10 times a night while his naps were inconsistent and very short. Because I didn’t have more than one hour of sleep at the time, I became a mom and a wife that I didn’t want to be. I knew that there must have been some solution that doesn’t include quitting the breastfeeding and using the cry-it-out method.

I’ve decided to learn everything I could about baby sleep and started to read and research A LOT. There are many authors in this field. Some of them represent attitudes which I consider harmful for baby’s emotional well-being, especially for the development of secure attachment. However, I’ve also found great authors that I share my parenting approach with.

After some time, I’ve realized why my baby was waking up very often during the night and found out what I can do about it. I have also realized that my only two options were NOT letting my baby cry-it-out or just wait for him to outgrow this state, but there are other gentle ways that really work. My son soon started to sleep better and better and I became more rested and calmer mom.

This experience has motivated me to do more research about child sleep and to help other parents who are fighting the same problems but don’t know where to start. I help parents who are going through similar situations that my family went through.

I believe that the more I know, the more I can help you. Therefore, I am always reading and educating myself not only when it comes to child sleep but also regarding other similar topics in parenthood. Most valuable experience for me is the interaction with other parents because I can learn something new from every single parent and a child that I work with. Positive changes that I witness and I am part of are my greatest reward.

I support attachment parenting, natural and undisturbed childbirth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapers, positive discipline and everything that is strengthening the deeper connection between a parent and a child.

I don’t consider myself as an ideal mom because I am a human being and, same as everyone else, I learn from my mistakes every single day. I don’t claim to know what’s the best for everybody as every parent knows his child the best. I am here just to help you cope with the most demanding and the most responsible role in the world – parenthood.


Marina Ecimović, M.A. Psych

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